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bios ACPI_BIOS_ERROR with Windows 10 Installation Media

It appears instead of 0x76 if diagnostic tracking is enabled as described in the General Discussion article below. It indicates that a driver or the I/O manager failed to release locked pages after an I/O operation. Note the name of the problem driver on the blue error screen. This is the general bug check code for fatal errors that the Driver Verifier finds.

Now just follow the on-screen instructions to fix Windows 10 registry-related errors. The process might take time to complete, but it will definitely fix Windows Registry errors. This is how you can fix registry or corrupted files on your Windows computer by using sfc /scannow command. This will start the scanning of the restore point for affected programs.

In the Properties dialog, switch to the Tools tab. Click the button “Check” under “Error checking”. While the Samsung 970 EVO is the fastest option, you need to ensure that your device includes an M.2 slot in the motherboard. If you are unsure, you should get the Samsung 860 EVO since it will fit most laptops and desktops. The Seagate option offers the most storage, but it’ll only fit on a desktop computer. Search for Command Prompt, right-click the top result, and select the Run as administrator option.

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From there you can select “scan for affected programs” and it will show a list of programs or drivers that were installed or uninstalled and revert that change for you. From there, select “finish” and your system will restore to the point prior to the change. Bootrec, also called bootrec.exe utility, is a tool provided by Microsoft in the Windows Recovery Environment. Bootrec.exe can be used to fix the Master Boot Record , Boot Sector, Boot Configuration , and boot.ini. If it’s the corrupt MBR or BCD that caused the problem, the solution is to correct the MBR or BCD record with the help of bootrec.

  • The majority of changes made to your computer are stored in keys and entries known as Registry Files.
  • This service is available via specific volume licensing programs for Professional & Enterprise editions, and via OEMs for some embedded editions, in yearly installments.
  • The computer hard drive stores almost all the important data of your device.

Your hardware and software information are present in it. Multiple users and their preferences are saved in this database. If any user modifies any settings click here, registry has a record about it.

Perform System Restore

If that didn’t work, then consider reinstalling Windows from scratch. That will, without a doubt, fix all broken registry items by reverting everything to factory settings. Another way to fix broken registry items is by recovering Windows. Iobit Advanced SystemCare is an all-in-one easy to use registry cleaner. It follows a one click approach to execute functions precisely. Follow these steps to use this tool to clean PC registry vulnerabilities.


Continue running CHKDSK until all errors and bad sectors have been fixed. Type the drive letter of the drive you want to check , and then press Enter. For example, type the following text to check drive D.

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