Learning to ride an electric skateboard, Halo board

Editor Pick Learning to ride an electric skateboard, Halo board – Right now, I am super super excited. So, stoked right this moment, because I am actually gonna embrace myself, probably, okay so, here’s the deal, I am at a skate park here in Chicago with halo board right here, and people burning rubber going […]

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Lamborghini Hoverboard Review

Editor Pick Lamborghini Hoverboard Review – I actually got the carbon-fiber one. So, we’re gonna do a first impression on boxing and check this thing. They packaged it really nicely, and it just folds up like this, and you got your little Lamborghini handy book, your little pack for your battery charger what you actually […]

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HALO BOARD ROVER X Hoverboard Review

Editor Pick HALO BOARD ROVER X Hoverboard Review – (Street, Hill, Grass, Ride Test) – I’m here with the halo board, halo rover x. Today going to be reviewing this. This is halo boards, a new hoverboard. You may have been familiar with one of my reviews there. This thing is kind of heavy, it’s […]

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Hoverboard motor adjustment

Editor Pick Hoverboard motor adjustment – This video is about how to do a motor adjustment, if your tires or rims are rubbing against the shell here, right over here, what you’re going to need is a Philips head screwdriver like this, and you’re going to take off this black plastic piece. Hoverboard motor adjustment […]

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Halo Board Carbon Edition Review

Editor Pick Halo Board Carbon Edition Review – Today, I’ve got a review of the halo board carbon edition, and it is no overstatement to say, I love this thing, I love it. Let’s get started with the design because that’s where this thing gets its name in the first place. Halo Board Carbon Edition […]

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