SWAGBOARD Youth Hoverboard T5 Classic Recertified

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Get yours while they last! Recertified Swagtron Turbo Five. Factory recertified by Swagtron Technicians. 90-day warranty. These are described as fully functional, but possibly cosmetically flawed. (We cannot send pictures of any individual Recertified Swagtron product.)

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SWAGBOARD Youth Hoverboard T5 Classic Recertified – Hoverboards on the market from SWAGTRON. Choose from our quality collection of Bluetooth hoverboards, youngsters hoverboards, grownup hoverboards, off-road hoverboards, and low-cost hoverboards for sale. SWAGTRON hoverboards are UL 2272 Certified for hoverboard safety, come with free transport, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

SWAGBOARD Youth Hoverboard T5 Classic Recertified

SWAGBOARD Youth Hoverboard T5 Classic Recertified
SWAGBOARD Youth Hoverboard T5 Classic Recertified
Brand: SwagTron
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The Swagboard Pro T1 became the industry standard for hoverboards all over the world. The Classic T5 takes the advances made with the T1 to the next logical step.

The Classic T5’s upgraded gyroscopic technology responds quicker for smoother navigation. Go, stop and steer using only rider balance. For smaller feet, redesigned slip-safe footpads offer better traction while riding. Enhanced motor and wheel stabilization smooth out bumpy rides. Combined with superior traction tires, the Classic T5 delivers a riding experience perfect for riders of all ages.

Whether you are a first-time rider or future pro, the Classic T5 has a riding mode perfect for you: learning and standard. Learning mode lowers max speeds. When you’re ready for faster speeds, switch to Standard mode and release your inner swag.

Solidly constructed, the Swagboard Classic T5 employs high-quality components and industry-leading safety features. The T5 is one of the first hoverboards to exceed UL2272 specifications for electrical and fire safety. The durable, air-tight frame protects the battery, mainboard, and motor with proper heat dispersion. Patented SWAGTRON SentryShield(R) intelligent Battery Management System delivers additional multilayered battery protection.

500 Watts of Total Power

A dynamic pair of 250-watt motors provide thrilling acceleration, as much as 7 mph. The high-torque motors simply conquer steep 30-degree hills. Hop on the non-slip footpads and take a cruise by means of native parks, coast alongside the pier, or simply go on a magnificent joyride. The Swagboard Twist Remix was made for you to experience longer, adventure harder, and discover extra.

Hoverboard . . . or Laserboard?

Some riders are okay with just the basics — pace, management, and sturdiness. For everyone else, there’s the Twist Remix with its laser-sharp design with laser wheels. Okay, they’re not lasers. But they are dazzling and sensible — a spectacular way to exhibit your style and personality as you blaze by the neighborhood with associates. After all, what’s the point of getting aptitude with out the flash?

Always in Balance

Hoverboard megastars are made, not born. It takes apply to ride with precision and aptitude. But we needed to make it simpler to become a hoverboarding expert, so we added our intelligently engineered auto-balancing expertise to the Twist Remix. With this characteristic activated, mounting and dismounting this hoverboard is a snap, because the board routinely balances upright as soon as it’s powered on. This sensible balancing function smooths out the educational curve, making it easier for newer riders to study correct stability and driving methods.

Dependability You Can Trust

Highly efficient, it fully prices in simply five hours and gives inherent safeguards. But since you demand extra from hoverboard batteries, we demanded more from our batteries. And the Twist Remix delivered!

The UL2272-compliant battery and electrical methods passed rigid electrical and charging security tests. And, similar to the OG Twist, our patented SentryShield® Quantum technology provides additional battery safeguards. This system delivers multilayer protection in opposition to overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuiting.

All Thrills — No Frills

Everything concerning the Twist Remix is designed to boost the journey. Movement indicators tell pedestrians round you that you’re turning left, right, or coming to a cease. Built-in indicators allow you to maintain observe of battery life and system diagnostics. And if the sun calls it quits earlier than you do, the LED headlights will light your means back dwelling.

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