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Can Fat People Ride a Hoverboard?

Can Fat People Ride a Hoverboard?

Can Fat People Ride a Hoverboard? Riding a hoverboard is one of the convenient mobility options, whether it is on streets or off-road. That’s why the popularity of using hoverboards is increasing rapidly. Consequently, online and offline marketplaces are flooded with different types of hoverboards.

Can Fat People Ride a Hoverboard?

Due to this, it will be challenging for you to find the best one, especially if you’re a heavy adult person. This is because hoverboards use your weight to determine how fast and where you should move. Choosing the wrong weighted hoverboard can result in falls, slow speeds, rapid degradation, or even damage to your hoverboard motor.

So, getting a suitable hoverboard in the weight range is crucial, especially for fat people. This will help you get the proper balance, easy to ride and move around. Continue reading this context to know more information about whether fat people can ride a hoverboard.

What Is the Weight Capacity of a Hoverboard?

Rider weight determines the performance of the hoverboard. If you are a heavy person, choosing the right hoverboard that weighs more to get the proper grip and balance is better. Typically, lighter hoverboards have a weight limit of 110 Lbs, whereas heavier boards can handle around 265 lbs.

NameWeight LimitView
Halo Rover X260 lbsView
SWAGBOARD T6 Outlaw220 lbsView
TwoDots Glyboard Corse Hoverboard264 lbsView
FutureSaw Pro 8220 lbsView

Similarly, it is good to go for lightweight hoverboards if you weigh less. Keep in mind you will need more power and force to move the hoverboard if you are a heavy adult. So, choose a hoverboard that is comfortable to balance on and carry around for you. Basically, hoverboards’ weight capacity depends on several factors such as motor watts, frame strength, and tire size.

The average hoverboard weight for kids has a 400-watt motor, 4.5″ wheels, and a weight capacity of around 110 pounds. On the contrary, Heavy Hoverboards have 6.5″ wheels, a 700-watt motor, and a reinforced metal frame. The weight range of this type of hoverboard is around 220lbs. You will also find some Heavy Adults Hoverboards with 8.5″ wheels suitable for most heavy people as this board can carry up to 265 Lbs or 120 kg.

Revolutionary Journey of the Hoverboard

Although hoverboards came on the market in 2013, they gained widespread popularity in a short time. Hoverboards are widely known as self-balancing scooters. This type of vehicle has two motor wheels attached to each side of the board. The hoverboard has articulated pads to keep riders on their feet and keep the board in balance. Just like skateboarding, a hoverboard requires huge practice to learn to ride. Using a hoverboard, you must completely control your speed and direction. In order to fulfill the expectations of hoverboard riders, it has been extensively improved over the years.

What Are the Purposes of the Weight Limit?

There are many reasons why manufacturers set a specific weight limit for every hoverboard. Below we have demonstrated some significant reasons for the hoverboard weight limit.

1. Wear and Tear

If your weight is more than the hoverboard’s weight capacity, the hoverboard’s internal and external components can be damaged. The components include ABS plastic or polycarbonate casing, wheels, wheel axles, brackets, even screws. Besides, the axle can lose over time resulting in wheel loss.

2. Safety Hazards

Riding a hoverboard mainly depends on the self-balancing mechanism. If the weight of your hoverboard is more or less than your weight, you will not get proper balance during riding. You will not control a hoverboard properly unless you get the balance position. Unbalanced riding on a hoverboard can lead to severe injuries.

Can Fat People Ride a Hoverboard?

Although most people think riding will not be possible for fat people, you can easily ride if you choose the right hoverboard. You will find different hoverboards according to weight range. Hoverboards typically have weight limits ranging from 180 to 265 lbs. Choosing a hoverboard that weighs maximum will be the right choice for fat people. You will get high-quality materials, high performance, and supreme reliability from these types of hoverboards.

What Makes a Hoverboard Suitable for 265 Lbs?

Hoverboards have become very popular around the world as the easiest mode of transport. A recent study shows that hoverboards are primarily sold to 18-year-olds. Adults are also interested in seeing the benefits of riding a hoverboard. But the reality is that hoverboards are two-wheeled self-balancing vehicles that are controlled by the rider and depend on the rider’s weight.

For that, not all hoverboards will be suitable for all ages, especially for obese people. Generally, fat people will need a hoverboard made with high materials that will provide maximum durability. Since hoverboards range in weight from 110 pounds to 265 pounds, choosing one that weighs maximum would be good for heavy people.

Why Use the Heavy-Duty Hoverboard?

Fat people can ride hoverboards like swimming which is a whole-body exercise. Riding a hoverboard is fun and being used as a means of transportation. Below, we have pointed out the advantages of using a hoverboard, especially for fat people.

  • Strengthen the body muscles
  • Involved in good physical activity
  • To increase focus
  • Get better physical posture
  • Have a better self-balancing power
  • Mobility will be increased

What Should You Look For While Buying a Hoverboard for Fat People?

After considering the above discussion, you may understand that all hoverboards will not be suitable for fat people. You should choose a hoverboard that meets your requirements. For your convenience, below, we have demonstrated what things you should keep in mind before having a hoverboard.

1. Weight Limit

Hoverboards’ weight capacity helps to determine whether you can ride or not according to your weight. The weight capacity of a hoverboard depends on various aspects such as material type, tire size, motor watts, and overall construction. As you are looking for a hoverboard for obese people, you should have one that weighs 265 pounds or more.

2. Build Materials

A hoverboard’s weight is also affected by the materials it is made from. Most hoverboards are built with plastic, magnesium alloy, aluminum, and metal. Metal and aluminum hoverboards tend to be lightweight. On the contrary, magnesium allies and metal, hoverboards are twice weightier as plastic boards. Lightweight hoverboards are an ideal choice for kids, not heavy adults. In that case, choosing a metal-made hoverboard will be suitable for heavy people because it can bear much force and pressure.

3. Safety

As riding a hoverboard with an improper balance may lead to severe injuries, you should consider safety seriously. Choosing a hoverboard with UL 2272 certification will be an excellent option to avoid safety concerns. UL 2272 certified means the hoverboard meets all safety requirements. Besides, some cheaper brands offer low-class batteries that can explode anytime.

4. Motor Power

Every motor consists of a pair of motors that allow a hoverboard to move. As you are looking for a heavy hoverboard, so should one with powerful motors. This is because slower motors will not ride with a heavy adult. So pick a hoverboard with two 450 watt motors, although the average motor power range is 200W to 450 watts.

5. Wheels and Tires

Every hoverboard features different wheels, which differ based on size and type. You will find hoverboards have bigger-sized wheels. So, different wheel sizes can also affect the overall weight. On the other hand, rubber or materials used on the tires are also crucial. Usually, regular hoverboards use rubber that offers an average weight. And off-roading hoverboards use rough terrains for riding rough terrains.

Can Fat People Ride a Hoverboard

Consequences of Not Following the Weight Limit of Hoverboards

If you ride a hoverboard without following the weight limit, you will face different problems. Here we have pointed out some common issues you may face for not following the hoverboard weight range.

  • Although ABS plastic and polycarbonate are durable materials, heavy loads may cause cracks in hoverboard frames. Once the frame is cracked or broken, the electronics inside the board can be damaged.
  • Continued overloading may damage the rest of the components of your hoverboard, including wheels, brackets, wheel axles, and screws.
  • The motor inside the hoverboard only works properly if you follow the weight limits. Overloading can lead to damage to the motor quickly and get less speed.
  • Too much overweight riding can increase the chance of breaking down the hoverboard anytime, leading to accidents and unwanted injuries.
  • The battery will die extremely quickly if you ride a hoverboard over your range’s weight limit.

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Can Fat People Ride a Hoverboard
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Choosing the right hoverboard is crucial in whether an obese person rides the board. This is because the right weight balance between hoverboard and rider helps to ride the board efficiently. Besides, you can make your hoverboard last longer if you follow the weight range of hoverboards. However, most people riding a hoverboard will not be possible for fat people due to their weight.

After reading this context, we hope you might have figured out whether it is possible or not. Typically, a high-quality hoverboard that weighs around 265 Lbs will be suitable for fat people. If you think choosing a hoverboard is challenging, follow the things discussed above while buying a hoverboard.

Written by: David Brayton


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