SWAGTRON Short Commute Folding E-Bike EB1

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Travel farther, ride faster and complete your commute in record time with style on the Swagtron® EB1 Electric Bike. Smart design. Customizable features. Zero emissions. EB1 redefines state-of-the-art.

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SWAGTRON Short Commute Folding E-Bike EB1 – Be about that relaxed life with the EB1 electric bike. Get from class to class on time. See city sights without the traffic rush. Make it from the subway station to work quicker than expected. EB1’s the answer no matter what your commute looks like.

SWAGTRON Short Commute Folding E-Bike EB1

Take a leisurely through 7.45 miles of scenery or hit top speeds up to 12.4 miles per hour and zip straight to your destination. EB1’s high-torque 250-watt motor packs enough power to get you there and climb inclines up to 25 degrees along the way. And with a little pedaling, you can go higher, farther, and faster. Pedal or not, it’s up to you. When it’s time to hit the brakes, EB1’s “Autoguard” braking technology and dual disc brakes ensure effective stopping power.

SWAGTRON Short Commute Folding E-Bike EB1Collapsible and light, that EB1’s aluminum alloy frame is strong enough to hold riders up to 242.5 pounds while remaining light enough to take for a subway ride. This ebike accommodates every rider’s needs and comfort. EB1’s twin-rail saddle mount matches industry standards so you can swap the seat with a universal bike seat in a different style.

Woke up to a low battery? Take your phone’s charging cable along and use the USB port in the EB1’s handlebars. Recharge on the go or keep power up while using the GPS.

From quick commutes to city cruises, this ebike has everything you need and more. Transform the way you travel and ride beyond with the Swagtron EB1 electric bike.

SWAGTRON EB1 Specifications

Charging Time2-3 hrs
Power AssistYes
Range Per Charge7.45 mi
Speed12.4 mph
Terrain TypeFlat Terrain
Tire TypeAir-Filled
Weight38.4 lbs
Wheel SizeFront: 14″, Rear: 12″
Battery TypeLithium
Bluetooth EnabledNo
Brake TypeDual Disc

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