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Halo Board Beast Reviews

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Beast Edition

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Beast Edition – Halo is well-established as being among the greatest electric skateboard manufacturers on the earth. Known for pushing the boundaries of what is possible, their high-performance e-skateboards are much beloved by boarders all over the place. Halo’s current flagship board is the Board Beast.

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Beast Edition

The motor and battery are better, the vary is longer, the deck is longer, and the wheels are greater. All this translates into a better, smoother ride that young people and adults will love. The Halo Board Beast additionally grew to become the premium winner of our Best Electric Skateboards in 2021 Guide.

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Beast Edition
Range Per Charge25 MileTop Speed26 MPH Sustained
Hill Grade25%Power3200 Watts
Open For Full Specifications

Design and Build Quality

The Board Beast builds on the design of the Halo Board 2, keeping the general form and look, but with some elementary modifications.
Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Beast Edition
First, the carbon fiber deck has gone, replaced by  more traditional and longer 37-inch maple deck. However, Halo has kept this black, so the board nonetheless has the identical slick and classy look, in addition to having improved stability and sturdiness for off-road riding.

The swap to maple additionally removes the need for a broad strip of grip tape on top of the deck. Instead, a honeycomb grip design will assist to maintain your ft secure and allow you to maneuver your Board Beast as you want.

The ends of the Board Beast are narrower than we saw on the Halo Board 2, with the wheels more seen consequently. Another consequence of that is that the Board Beast has an extra pronounced form. While the edges of the board remain curved and smooth, retaining the sleekness of the design, the corners are way more noticeable than on the Halo Board 2.

Range And Speed

Both the Halo Board 2 and Beast are built for speed, however it’s the range that’s improved on the Beast. The Beast still has a top velocity of 26mph, which is blazing. The vary, nevertheless, is as much as 25 miles per charge.

That’s because of the upgraded Dual Direct-Drive brushless motor system. It boasts 3200 watts. It’s got great energy and torque, so hills with grades up to 25% are a breeze. The battery is 10.4Ah, which is up from Halo 2’s 7Ah. The Beast’s battery has an extended lifespan and it’s Certified FireSafe. Charging takes about 4-5 hours, which is longer than the Halo 2.

Considering that the Beast has more energy, that makes sense. To avoid needing to charge for that complete time, it’s a good idea to top off the battery after every journey. The Regenerative Brake system also helps stretch your battery charge as long as doable.

Halo Board Specifications

Deck Length37 in / 94 cm
Wheels97 mm Halo Street Wheels – 74a
Wheelbase29 in / 73.5 cm
TrucksAluminum 12-inch Double-Kingpin
RemoteErgonomic Bluetooth Halo Remote
Weight Limit286 lbs
Charge Time4 – 5 hours
Safe Battery10.4Ah Certified FireSafe Lithium-Ion Battery
For Ages10 and up

Halo Beast Features

Deck MaterialUpgraded Bamboo + Fiberglass Blend
Motor3200 Watt Dual Direct-Drive Motors
Top Speed26 MPH
RangeUp to 25 Miles
Hill GradeUp to 25%
Weight23 lbs
ChargerUL Certified Charger Included
Warranty6 Months Guaranteed

Halo Board Pros And Cons

Amazing BuildExpensive
Even Better Performance than the Halo Board 2Charging Time
Intuitive Remote ControlToo Heavy
Regenerative Braking System
Compatible with All-Terrain Wheels

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Beast Edition

Downside Halo Board

  • We don’t like the price of the Board Beast. At the same time, we did say this board is a perfect instance of getting what you pay for, and we’d 100% stick by that. Would we pay the worth anyway although we dislike it? We would, however, we’d in all probability look forward to a reduction or special supply worth earlier than we did.
  • Charging Time. 4 – 5 hours is a long time to attend to realize full charge on an e-board battery. Although it’s anticipated and we love the facility and vary we get, it’s still a trade-off we’d slightly not cope with. The greatest means around it is to maintain your batteries topped up after every trip quite than ready till it’s empty and doing a full charge. Trust us, the primary ride after the first charge is more than worth the wait!
  • The great thing about skateboards, electronic or not, is how straightforward they are to hold around both yourself or in the automobile. The Board Beast takes a little bit of this away, coming in at a whopping 23 pounds! It’s not sufficient to put us off desirous to own it, however it’s price being aware of before parting together with your cash.

Halo Board Beast

Halo Board Beast
Halo Board Beast
Price: $1,297.00
Ranked Best Electric Skateboard 2021, Electric Skateboard Beast Edition, This board is very fun to ride, and it’s powerful! I purchased the board during quarantine and I didn’t know anything about skateboarding/longboarding. After a couple of trips, I got the hang of it, and I can’t imagine going out without it.

Halo Board Beast Reviews

This Halo Board Beast and I didn’t think it was gonna go this fashion, however after I first bought the board, it was incredible, it was fast, it went a long distance, it was quick to charge, and the truth that I went bombing around town. I most likely put down although maybe over 100 miles. Probably, I do not know four or 5 journeys, 25 miles apiece.

I get home and the vans are unfastened on the deck. The screws are literally coming undone, and for $1,200 you shouldn’t have to do this for real, like go buy a boosted board or one other model. Because of the fact that I needed to go out, and buy extra components for this skateboard.

It’s unacceptable for the fee that you just pay for it, and for these of you that have not, you are gonna pay $1,800, and the last thing I need is so that you can go purchase this board. Because of my first assessment, and I positively made a mistake. I should have written it extra before I stated anything about it. But now, that I’ve you recognize using round city, and had some points with it.

I’m not saying do not go buy it, but don’t think that, while you purchase it that you just’re not gonna have issued. because we’re gonna throw some components in this factor. I’m gonna tighten it up.

Final Words Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Beast Edition

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Beast Edition – The Halo Board Beast embodies what we beloved about Halo board and kicks it up a notch. The motor and battery have extra power, the vary is longer, the deck is longer, and the wheels are greater. The distant has been redesigned as well.

The only major feature that isn’t modified is the pace, but at 26mph, the skateboard is a lot quick. If you want to tackle rougher terrain, Halo sells all-terrain wheels you possibly can put on your board. Both kids (10 and older) and adults will love this e-skateboard!

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