How To Play DVDs or Blu-ray on Windows 8 or Windows 10

You create a snip of the screen area, and Windows 10 will find similar images with Bing Visual Search in Microsoft Edge. This feature can be useful when you need to find the source for some image embedded into a document, or find a larger image of what you see on the screen. Also, you can capture some error message and see if someone already faced it before you. Before Windows 7, it was very complicated to take screenshots of the entire screen or even of specific regions of the screen. In Windows 10, things are a lot easier and there are quite a few ways to get the perfect screenshot without much work.

Click on the taskbar icon to see news, weather, your upcoming calendar appointments, tips for using Windows 11, and more. Select Add widgets button to do just that—you’ll be able to set which widgets appear on screen and which don’t. There’s no official list of computers that support Windows 11 — given the fact that there are tons of PC models that support it, and you may have built your own PC. But there are ways to check if your PC is compatible. Microsoft has provided a free PC Health Check app that can check if your computer is compatible with Windows 11. To download it, head to Microsoft’s Windows 11 page.

  • Ubuntu based distros tend to have decent graphics support but nothing like the Control Panel in Windows.
  • Set up some security questions and click Next each time.
  • The capture is in your clipboard and you can directly paste it into whatever.

When ready to take the snapshot release the mouse key and wait for the app to display the image. You can launch the app from the Start menu or by typing its name in the Search Charm. When the Snipping Tool window appears on the screen you can click on the New drop-down menu and choose from, Free Form, Rectangular, Window and Full-Screen snip options.

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If you don’t like the change, you can move the Star Menu and Task Bar back to the left of display. Actually Nope, Even if a new feature update is released, even if a continuous update is performed, the PC hardware will become old, which may cause your old PC to lose compatibility. The company will make money when we buy Windows as a CD or USB stick or even by downloading it from official website. Microsoft promised that they would continually improve windows 10 by adding new features to their product, such as the windows 10 Creator’s Update, and the upcoming Fall Creator’s Update.

In the results, click Troubleshooter and choose View All. A popup will ask you to install the Windows Media Player DVD decoder. For instructions on how to get Windows Media Player to play a DVD, read on. Unfortunately, in some cases, with its default playback system, Windows Media Player won’t play a DVD. That doesn’t mean you can never play a DVD with Windows Media Player. It just means you’ll need a DVD coder for Windows Media Player in some instances.

Registry errors preventing DVD playback

During this step, you can freely capture a rectangular screen by dragging your mouse. Or you can choose to capture a full-screen screenshot or a custom window as you like. With the key combination Windows + Print Screen you take a screenshot of all screens in Windows 10. This also applies to multiple monitors, the tool creates a screenshot of the desktops of all monitors in a file and on the clipboard. ~ To capture screenshots inside tablets that run Chrome OS, simply press the Power and Volume Down button simultaneously. Either you can use the already provided snipping tool app on Windows or you can also use the on-screen keyboard.

Click the arrow next to DVD/CD-ROM drives to expand the menu. Right-click your DVD drive and click Uninstall device. The program takes up a low-to-moderate amount of system resources, has a good response time and source didn’t freeze, crash or pop up errors during our tests.

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