How to Update Motherboard Drivers: A step-by-step Guide

Missing drivers will be highlighted with a yellow caution mark. However, if your drivers are already installed, there will be no warning signs or missing device issues. When we upgrade our computer, a common problem is that the operating system no longer recognizes the component. This problem often results in the computer not working properly. The device stops working after the upgrade, and we have to download and install the driver manually. Drivers are usually available through Windows Update, but sometimes you will need to manually install them.

Then, go to your motherboard model’s driver download page and download the latest drivers. Be sure to download drivers that are compatible with the Windows version you’re running. Once they’re downloaded to your Windows PC, open them and follow the prompts to install them.

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  • So if you are looking for a definitive guide to update drivers on Windows 10, you’ve come to the right place.

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MSI assures long-standing quality and if properly installed and updated on a timely basis, the MSI motherboard drivers provide excellent gaming and graphics performance on your computer. The foremost method to download motherboard drivers is with the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturers of the device provide either a support page or a Downloads/Drivers page to help you get the updates. You can use the same on your device and get personalized updates for all the drivers as per your operating system. MSI motherboard drivers are important because they connect your motherboard to the operating system on your computer.

With the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface Secure Boot technology you can ensure that the system boot loader is signed with a cryptographic key. The database of public keys which is contained in the firmware, authorizes the signing key. You can verify a signature in the next-stage boot loader and the kernel. However, the changes will affect only the new installations of the operating system with Secure Boot on.

Secure boot would prevent loading the nvidia drivers if it were active with current signed kernels since the nvidia modules are unsigned. In that case, Fedora installations will not boot with Secure Boot enabled. To be clear, this will not affect most users. If it does affect you, you can boot with Secure Boot disabled for the time being. On an Asus Zephyrus G15 laptop which has NVIDIA 3070 dGPU and AMD iGPU. Using NVIDIA driver from RPM Fusion package.

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However, it doesn’t always do this, so it’s smart to check on your own every once in a while. Once the process begins, follow any additional instructions that you may be given. Many drivers will ask you to select which hardware components you need the drivers for. If this is the case, install them one by one until they’re all updated. To install the drivers, extract the previously downloaded driver, then double-click the setup file and start it. Most new computers, however, install the most critical drivers automatically.

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