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Lamborghini HyperGOGO GoKart Unboxing

Lamborghini HyperGOGO GoKart Unboxing

Lamborghini HyperGOGO GoKart Unboxing – I first got this hyper gogo-go GoKart kit for my Lamborghini hoverboard, and I like the look in this thing because it looked like racing. It looks like Formula One, look to it, you know open-wheel. I’m super excited, it’s something that you can just portable, you can put it in your car, or you can just put in a different hoverboard you would like.

Lamborghini HyperGOGO GoKart Unboxing

You’re not limited to whatever hoverboard is necessary to be put on in this go-kart. So, if you have a hoverboard already, you can just go ahead and get this go-kart, and you can just pretty much. It can be compatible with but the problem that I have here is, the fact that I want to go, and show you this article because when I box this before.

Lamborghini HyperGOGO GoKart UnboxingLamborghini HyperGOGO GoKart Unboxing


You do anything, but I should’ve known that I’m gonna go ahead, and give you guys a heads up that once you open this. You’re gonna see up a bag, before you do anything, just rip that bag off, see check if how many cables you had, or just check if you only got one. It’s the same thing that I have forgotten, just close back the box, and send it back, because apparently, that’s why this is.

What I did, I actually unboxing it. I was super excited. This is the first time that I ever had, something for a hoverboard, and I’m super excited. I just can’t wait, I just did. Okay, I actually take it all off, I mean it’s not heavy, but it like the way it comes with because it comes with a helmet. It comes to the goggles, and while I was taking this up, and I only got one cable here, and I didn’t notice that.

HyperGOGO GoKartHyperGOGO GoKart

I was just super excited, so while I was taking it apart, doing installations on it, and make sure. Also, another thing, make sure the steering wheel fits on this thing because if it doesn’t then turn it back,  because I don’t know what’s the QA is doing on these things. It seems like they’re not checking what it’s supposed to.

It seems like missing cables missing parts. I mean it’s great, and while I was putting this in the hoverboard. It’s not hard to install it. All you gotta do is for the strap back, put the recliner back, and put the steering wheel. So, my issue here, the original one on the left has a cable. I mean to support the hoverboard only, got one for mine, and it’s an issue.

Missing Cable

Look at it now, my hoverboard away stance. It’s tilting to the hole, is floating forward. And basically, I only have one on the right-hand side. If I’m going to turn it ON and go the left-hand side will not really turn ON, because the right is tilting more. It only has one cable. It’s not supporting the other side, and that’s the issue that I’m having right now when I just received this.

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I don’t know the QA of the people that actually manufacture. This go-kart did not put, is not out of a table,  that it’s all missing. You should have more cables on the go-kart, and I’m only having one, and it’s an issue for me. I’m just showing you this to make it easier for you, also to check it out if you do receive this go for it here because apparently, this thing is working the proper way.

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