AlienSaw 8-Inch Bluetooth Hoverboard for Sale

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AlienSaw 8-Inch Bluetooth Hoverboard for Sale – The AlienSaw hoverboard instantly and invisibly connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can play your favorite music directly.

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AlienSaw 8-Inch Bluetooth Hoverboard for Sale – The AlienSaw hoverboard instantly and invisibly connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can play your favorite music directly to your lookalike Lamborghini hoverboard. That meant the AlienSaw hoverboard can be used as a boombox when you’re not actively riding it.

Powered by the same brushless motor technology used by Tesla, the AlienSaw self-balancing scooter has the ability to glide faster than 10mph, with a speed warning indicator designed to beep at approximately 9mph.

AlienSaw 8-Inch Bluetooth Hoverboard

Flashing LED lights on the top and sides of the AlienSaw add a cool factor as well as a safety factor. The lights turn on when foot pressure is sensed on its footpads. Motorists, bikers, and pedestrians will all be able to view the LED lights of the AlienSaw from a distance, ensuring that they see a rider, especially in the dark.

The AlienSaw hoverboard is available in a wide variety of colors, and is our best Bluetooth hoverboard with LED lights available!

AlienSaw 8-Inch Bluetooth Hoverboard

Stylish, cool, and packed with some awesome features, the certified AlienSaw Hoverboard pretty much has it all! This beauty comes charged with brushless motor technology that powers it along at an impressive 10 mph. The board also comes with a speed warning that kicks in with a beep when you cross 9 mph.

The safety features don’t end there – the AlienSaw hoverboard also has bright LED lights on both the sides and the top that go on as soon as you step onto the board. Ride the hoverboard with no worries at night because, in pitch dark, these lights make you clearly visible to motorists and pedestrians.

AlienSaw Hoverboard Specifications

Unique FeaturesStrobing LED Lights, Play music from your phone via Bluetooth, Multi-colored color varieties.
Solid ColorsBlack Widow (Black/Black), Superman (Blue/Red), Velvet Angel (Black/Red), Wild Tiger (Orange/Black), Bumblebee (Yellow/Black), Mystic Sapphire (Blue/Black), Monster Green, (Green/Black), Chocolate Strawberry (Red/Black), Silver Bullet (Silver/Black), MonoChrome (White/Black), Pure Bliss (White/Red)
Min Rider Weight100 pounds / 45 kilograms
Tire Size8.0 Inches
Top Speed10.5 mph / 20 kph
Top Range12.5 miles / 20 kilometers
Max Rider Capacity220 pounds / 100 kilograms
Waterproof RatingIP54
Battery TypePremium Lithium-ion
Battery Life5-6 Hours
Battery Charge Time2 hours until fully charged
Battery Low IndicatorYes
Battery TypePremium Lithium-ion
Battery Watt Hours158.4wh
Motor350w x 2
Maximum Slope Angle20° degrees
Shipping Dimensions26.38in x 11.81in x 11.42in / 67cm x 30cm x 29cm

With the AlienSaw hoverboard, there is nothing to set up, nothing to put together. Just open the box, get the hoverboard out, and start riding- it’s really that simple! This hoverboard may be complemented by a carrying bag so you can just step off it and use the bag to tote it around with ease. If you are looking for a sturdy, stylish hoverboard, you really can’t go wrong with this AlienSaw model.

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