RockSaw Off-Road Hoverboard with Bluetooth

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RockSaw Off-Road Hoverboard with Bluetooth – Imagine an off-road hoverboard so unique, so well designed, so ingenious that it’s not bound by the same constraints of other hoverboards.

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RockSaw Off-Road Hoverboard with Bluetooth – Imagine an off-road hoverboard so unique, so well designed, so ingenious that it’s not bound by the same constraints of other hoverboards. A true master of its domain, the certified RockSaw off-road hoverboard by StreetSaw is the best all-terrain hoverboard and is reserved only for the elite.

Whether you’re gliding down a dirt road, blasting through the sand, cruising near the water on a beach, or plowing through the fresh snow outside, the RockSaw will give you an all-terrain experience, unlike any other off-road hoverboard. See our off-road hoverboard in action here.

RockSaw Off-Road Hoverboard

Sometimes called an off-road mini-segway, it’s important to understand the distinction between the all-terrain RockSaw and its wavering counterparts. A common misconception of an off-road hoverboard is that it has to have big tires and that they must be inflatable. While this may be the belief of many, we at StreetSaw don’t feel that this is entirely accurate.

RockSaw Off-Road Hoverboard

Hoverboard with Off-Road Tires

The RockSaw has been specifically designed to NOT have air tubes in the tires. This makes for a stronger ability to maneuver over even the most stubborn of obstacles, such as barbed wire and glass shards. Encountering this type of terrain during your ride may not be expected, but handling the unexpected is exactly what the RockSaw excels at.

We also believe that in many cases less is more. In the case of an off-road hoverboard, having airless off-road hoverboard tires is just one less thing that can break. When you’re paying this kind of money for a state-of-the-art off-road vehicle, you want to make sure that it works the best it possibly can.

All-Terrain Hoverboard

The RockSaw was built to be the best all-terrain hoverboard on the market. This little puppy truly puts other smaller models to shame, including our acclaimed 10-inch hoverboard, the StabilitySaw.

Built-in a state-of-the-art facility, every detail of this hoverboard took into consideration the vast variety of environments that this hoverboard would be ridden in, and from these think tanks, a true all-terrain hoverboard was born.

The RockSaw Can Handle:

  • Dirt Paths
  • Deep Grass
  • Sandy Beaches
  • Steep Inclines
  • Bumpy Pavement
  • Snowy Roads
  • Hiking Paths
  • Much More!

As if the list above wasn’t enough, start thinking about the first place you’re going to ride your professionally engineered RockSaw hoverboard.

Certified Safe Hoverboard

The RockSaw is one of the safest hoverboards for sale! Our manufacturing facility has had it thoroughly tested and the proof is given in the image of the certificate of compliance below. Having been given the coveted hoverboard certification, all aspects of the RockSaw exceed the sloppy standards of the competition in terms of quality and safety.

Powered by Lithium-ion Batteries

You can rest assured that you’re getting the very best hoverboard batteries in the RockSaw. There are few choices to power this beast of a hoverboard other than genuine high-quality battery cells, so that is exactly what’s inside of the RockSaw.

Known for reliability and safety, the design of the new battery cells is made in such a way that this off-road hoverboard won’t blow up on you while you’re riding it.

RockSaw is The Best Off-Road Hoverboard

Buying an off-road hoverboard can be a confusing process. This is especially true if you’re new to hoverboards and are just learning how they work and the vast differences in quality between brands.

We’re glad you’re here reading about our RockSaw off-road hoverboard. We strongly recommend that you do as much research as possible before you decide where to buy an off-road hoverboard, and there are many resources available for you to do so.

RockSaw Off-Road Specifications

Unique FeaturesMassive 8.5 Inch Wide Off-Road All-terrain tires Play music from your phone via Bluetooth, Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Tire Covers
ColorsBlack & Gray (One Color)
Battery Watt Hours154wh
Tire Size8.5 Inches
Top Speed9 mph / 15 kph – (3 Speed Modes via Mobile App)
Top Range10 miles / 15 kilometers
Max Rider Capacity220 pounds / 100 kilograms
Waterproof RatingIP54
Battery TypeLithium-ion
Battery Life5-6 Hours
Battery Charge Time2-3 hours until fully charged
Battery Low IndicatorYes
Battery Power43,000 mAh
Shipping Weight26.7 pounds / 13 kilograms
Motor400w x 2
Maximum Slope Angle15° degrees
Hoverboard Weight32 pounds / 14.5 kilograms
Shipping Weight40.7 pounds / 18.5 kilograms

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