Top 30 React Native Interview Questions 2023

The applications automatically determine the intention of the users through touch. For example, the application determines slide on the widget, touch is scrolling or tapping. React’s render function creates a node tree out of the React components. It then updates this tree in response to the mutations in the data model which is caused by various actions done by the user or by the system. Check out this Web developer course online to learn more about react. React Native makes sense when a team is building a product that does not need extremely high performance.

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It allows you to send the style only once through the bridge while referring to all subsequent users through ID. It is unnecessary to bind ‘this’ inside the constructor when using an arrow function. This prevents bugs caused by the use of ‘this’ in React callbacks. An arrow function is a short way of writing a function to React. The above code will yield an input field with the label Name and a submit button.


That’s all about the30 React.js interview questions and answers for 1 to 2 years experienceddevelopers. These questions are useful for both frontend developers as well as Fullstack developers like Fullstack Java Developer where React.js is used. Here is my list of common React.js interview questions with answers. So, we have covered most common interview questions for react.js developers that you can ask during the interview. You have learned the answers to both the most basic and more advanced ReactJS questions. These react.js developer interview questions are called advanced only for the reason that they require the candidate to have more in-depth knowledge of React.

When a dispatch has been triggered, and the store updates, it will emit a change event that the views can rerender accordingly. The change in state can happen as a response to user action or system-generated events. It determines the behavior of the component and how it will render. It is used with React to describe what the user interface should look like.

React Native Developer interview questions

Install the upgrade helper web tool that provides you to upgrade your apps between any two versions. It is a technique, which allows you to reuse the component logic. It is a function that takes a component and gives back a new component. Yes, we can use the same codebase for Android and iOS, and React takes care of all the native component translations. For example, a React Native ScrollView use ScrollView on Android and UiScrollView on iOS.

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They give solutions without using state, and they can be defined with or without arrow functions. When you call SetState in React, the object you passed into it will be merged into the current state of the component. Reconciliation aims to update the user interface in the most efficient way possible.

React Native Developer interview questions

Our apps are listed in Play Store and App Store, unlike PWA. React is a library used for web development, whereas React native is a platform. The virtual DOM representation re-renders the entire UI whenever there is a change in the data model.

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Such variables may retain other objects and hence prevent them from being garbage collected. Create reduced-sized APK files for specific CPU architectures. When you do that, your app users will automatically get the relevant APK file for their specific phone’s architecture.

React Native Developer interview questions

ComponentWillReceiveProps()– Invoked as soon as the props are received from the parent class and before another render is called. Once the component gets added to the DOM, it can potentially update and re-render only when a prop or state change occurs. They receive the props from the Stateful components and treat them as callback functions. Stateless components notify them about the requirement of the state change, then they send down the props to them.

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Also, class component override render() method of the component class that returns react element. Sometimes, React Native built-in apps face performance problem if there is a requirement of advanced functionality. In that case, they don’t perform well as compared to native apps. React keeps a lightweight representation of the real DOM in the memory, and that is known as the virtual DOM. When the state of an object changes, the virtual DOM changes only that object in the real DOM, rather than updating all the objects. The following are some of the most frequently asked react interview questions.

  • In ReactJS, Arrow Functions are also known as “Fat Arrow”.
  • Another difference is that React Native does not use HTML.
  • For example, each time when you use an app in the mobile like Facebook, it sends a message, or when you see the weather on your phone, these are the usage of an API.
  • A child component can never send a prop back to the parent component.
  • Arrow Function enables use to bind the component’s context because ReactJS uses ES6 and it doesn’t have auto binding enabled by default.

Animated- We use this API for controlling specific values. It provides the start and stops methods to control the animation execution on the basis of time. Name the tools that can be used to debug React Native apps. SetTimeout is used to schedule a piece of code to run at a specific scheduled time. Meta Platforms Inc. developed this open-source UI software framework known as React Native. Functions should not be used while rendering a dynamic list.

The single state tree makes it easier to keep track of changes over time and debug or inspect the application. They are read-only components which must be kept pure i.e. immutable. They are always passed down from the parent to the child components throughout the application. A child component can never send a prop back to the parent component.

React Native Developer interview questions

Shadow Thread — This is a background thread that can calculate layouts built with the React framework in React Native. MAIN/UI Thread – The main application thread on which your Android/iOS app runs. The main thread has access to the application’s UI and can update it.

Our experts create a project taking into account all the recommendations from you and send you the result within the agreed period. You will see what the future web application will look like, and if you wish, you can make the necessary edits. The price directly depends on the complexity of the future web application. In any case, we will come to a compromise by assigning a fee that satisfies both you and us. First of all, you contact Geniusee in any convenient way, tell about your business, share your wishes and requirements regarding the future project. This library is easy to understand and master, therefore, it allows teams to work faster.

If a developer can explain complex topics in a simpler and more understandable manner, then this is already worthy of respect and attention! This shows that they really invested time React Native Developer job and energy in studying this area of programming. Scott Morris is Skillcrush’s staff writer and content producer. Like all the members of Skillcrush’s team, he works remotely .

Though the interview can be tough, you can clear it if you research the questions mentioned in this article. Moreover, in a React native interview, JavaScript plays an important part. So if you are preparing for a React native interview, be sure to go through modern JavaScript concepts as well. Prop drilling can be avoided by Context API or Redux. React native comes with live and hot reloading features.

Question 2: Is there a Difference Between Container Components and Presentation Components?

React Native is a cross-platform development framework, which means you can write pretty much the same code for both IOS and Android and it will work. AppRegistry is the javascript entry point to running all react-native apps. StyleSheet is a react-native module that allows developers to create immutable stylesheet references. It has the StyleSheet.create() method that takes an argument of natural style object, which will freeze the object and assign each with an ID. It avoids creating a new style object every render pass.

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