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Unboxing Halo Board BEAST

Unboxing Halo Board BEAST 2

Unboxing Halo Board BEAST 2 – This halo beast, it’s my first electric skateboard. I’ve skated in the past when I was younger, and I’m not going to sit here and clean that. I know all that is to know about skateboarding, but I saw this. I figured why not weighs 30 pounds or more. This is the second board beast.

Unboxing Halo Board BEAST 2

Unboxing Halo Board BEAST 2
Deck Length37 in / 94 cmWheels97 mm
Weight Limit286 lbsCharge Time4 – 5 hours
Open For Full Specifications

I wanted to put it out there. There we go, that’s good. I’m sure my standard form does the right board. There we go, look at that carbon fiber keyboard, even got GoPro mounts forward, and the back which is pretty badass. So, you don’t have to do anything about that. It did come with these hard standard wheels. I did order some cloud ones, ready to go with this nice blackboard with the ready show.

Unboxing Halo Board BEAST

That after I put them ON later on. They said that they charged everything, so it comes charged. You can actually use it when it gets here. So, I won’t be doing that today because I already injured my foot. I’m going to have to wait a little bit.

See what else they got, USB has a standard, probably add this in your drawer home. I don’t know what micro USB. I was wondering if it was going to come with this because I saw other videos which might have been for the regular beast or beast one as they call it.


This is the upgraded version, the remote LCD definitely sleek. I was hoping that it was coming with this because the other one would be the upgrade, and the other one is subpar. Apparently, from a couple of videos that are out there on youtube, you got your user manual. There’s your charging transformer, 120 to whatever this puts out 42 volts at 2 amps.

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Halo Board Beast
Halo Board Beast
Price: $1,297.00
Halo Board Beast – Ranked Best Electric Skateboard 2021, Electric Skateboard Beast Edition, This board is very fun to ride, and it’s powerful!

So, it’s not bad. It’s pretty badass. I like it, I like it a lot. That’s not bad, I was wondering what everything came with no one really did a whole video. Especially, for the newer board, the second board, or a variant of this.

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Official Halo Rover X
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