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How To Replace Halo Board Wheels

How To Replace Halo Board Wheels – Another episode of the Halo Board tutorial series. Today, we are going to go over how to quickly and easily replace the rear wheels on your halo board carbon edition. As you very well will have noticed these back wheels are not your typical skate wheels.

How To Replace Halo Board Wheels

How To Replace Halo Board Wheels

They are a specialized polyurethane sleeve that slides over the hub motor. Taking them apart is pretty simple, but it does require a couple of tools. You will need a 3/32 of an inch Allen wrench, and a flat prying tool. If you don’t have access to one of these, you can also use a flat head screwdriver, a butter knife, or even a guitar pick.

How To Replace Halo Board Wheels

So, go ahead and prop up your halo board, on its side and as you can see, by taking a look at the hub motor here, there are three screws holding down this front plate, go ahead, and remove. Those make a mental note that these are the flat-top screws, and placed on the side.

Next, grab your prying tool of choice, and insert it between the polyurethane wheel, and the cover. You do not want to stick this into the vent holes, because you are likely to damage the coils of the motor. So,  just place it here, and gently pry this first plate up. It should come up pretty easily. Now setting that plate aside, we can see the second plate on the wheel with three more screws.

Go ahead and remove these as well, and again take note of their shape, the wheel should now be loose and can easily be pulled off by placing your thumbs on the center for leverage and gripping the bottom of the wheel with the rest of your fingers. And pulling up all that’s left is to grab your new wheel.

How To Replace Halo Board Wheels

Take the second cover plate from the old wheel, place it on your new one, slide it over the motor and screw it back together. A couple of things to note:

  1. first that the second plate can only go on in one direction while still keeping the screw holes aligned. If you try to place it backward, it will not align to the right area.
  2. second, make sure you do not cover the motors vent holes, trapping all that heat in there will damage your motors. The bottom of the wheel also has teeth that match up with the bottom of the motor. Make sure they are seated properly when you place the wheel on the motor.

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Also note, the top plate has these dips on the underside for the bottom screw heads that protrude from the second plate. So, line them up when placing the cover back on, and lastly don’t over tighten any of these screws, just a general hand tighten is good enough.

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