Swagtron T1 Reviews

Swagtron T1 Reviews | Best Self Balancing Scooter

Swagtron T1 Reviews – This is the swagTron T1, it retails for $400 at Amazon, BestBuy, and other retailers. So by now, you’ve definitely heard about exploding hoverboards. Well, this one won’t explode,  because it’s the world’s first UL approved hoverboard.

Swagtron T1 Reviews

It has the same top speed as the original hoverboards, around 6 to 8 miles an hour. Now, let’s compare the two-foot pads on the Swagtron, which look much cooler, and their non-slip. They also have different wheel designs. The SwagTron has an exposed rim design versus the hoverboard’s closed rim.

Swagtron T1 Reviews

It has a built-in beginner mode, which makes it much easier for first-time users. Just double press the power button, and you’re all set. The battery has lasted three days of on-and-off use, but we sadly discovered that our unit is defective when we went to plug it in.

It wouldn’t charge, so we contacted support, and they’re already sending us out a new one. So, a plus for used Swagtron support. Let’s get back to the UL approval, the SwagTron T1 has a fire-retardant plastic shell and a rubber footpad on the inside. It has an aluminum shell over on the battery, keeping all if any explosions enclosed.

Swagtron T1 Reviews

They also go through rigorous tests to ensure that their product is safe, and I almost forgot, here’s what you get inside the box. You get rubber wheel guards, a user’s manual, a charger, and the main unit. The SwagTron is definitely a smoother ride than the original hoverboard. Sometimes the originals freak out like this, but the SwagTron doesn’t.

Due to new technology inside, it can also take a tumble pretty well. Due to the big rubber wheel guards,  SwagTron is also coming out with a more advanced model. The t3 coming out later this summer. This one will go for 500 instead of 400, but let’s get back to the T1 model.

SwagTron T1 Specifications

Age12+ Years
7-11 Years
Battery ShieldingSentryshield
Battery TypeLithium
Bluetooth EnabledNo
Charging Time≤ 2 hrs
Dimensions23 x 4 x 7 in
Range Per Charge7-12 mi
Weight22 lbs / 10 kg
Speed8 mph



SWAGBOARD T1 Pro Hoverboard
SWAGBOARD T1 Pro Hoverboard
Price: $249.99
The Pro T1 is UL 2272 certified and features our patented SentryShield™ Multilayer Battery Protection™. This smart battery management system lets you get the most out of the Pro T1’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


Final Verdicts

The SwagTron T1 is definitely the best hoverboard on the market right now. So, come to the dark side and get a SwagTron. The Swagboard Pro T1 quickly became one the most reliable hoverboards on the market. Thanks to their focus on safety and the user experience, the Pro T1 set the standard for all hoverboards that have come after. Through the combination of hardware and software, the Pro T1 remains well regarded and highly sought after, even today.

They built the Swagboard Pro T1 to go the extra mile with durability, performance, and safety. Redesigned ABS case delivers greater impact resistance while remaining lightweight. The powerful motors include enhanced stabilization. The board handles bumpy rides better than ever before.

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