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How to Fix a Shaking Hoverboard

How to Fix a Shaking Hoverboard

How to Fix a Shaking Hoverboard – I’m going to make about what to do when the hoverboard shakes too much, and when you get off of it,  it’ll continue going. It will continue shaking. What you want to do is find the side that’s shaking, and then we’re going to open up the panel for that side.

How to Fix a Shaking Hoverboard

So, this is just an example board. I’ve already opened this up. All you need is just a Phillips head screwdriver, just like this, with the cross on top, and you can go, and you can unscrew all of this one,  two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine screws to open the cage.

How to Fix a Shaking Hoverboard


There are two different types of screws. You have sheet metal screws on the outside corners, and then on the inside are machine screws. The machine screws are finally threaded, and the ones on the outside are coarsely threaded. So, when you put it all back together, that’s how you’re going to know.



After you do that, just take this up lightly, don’t pull it all the way off, because underneath, you have something that’s connected right here. Okay, what you’re going to do is, you can take your fingers and you can pinch right here, and then pull it up. Because it has a little clasp on it. That’s how you take that off, just take this, don’t flip it upside down, because all your screws if you didn’t take them out, are going to fall over the floor.


So, what I do is, I just take that and I just said to the side. Now, the battery side, is going to have a battery right here. The other side is going to have a motherboard right here. You don’t need to be intimidated at all. All you’re doing is taking this black plastic piece, right here off. Sometimes, they have hot glue.

How to Fix a Shaking Hoverboard

So, I have little pliers that I use and remove the hot glue that you know is put on to the screws. Just makes it easier to screw off and on. So, I usually use a power drill, but I’m going to use a regular screwdriver for this, and just all in doing is unscrewing.

The outside of this big black plastic thing that houses the gyroscope. So, just going to take my screw put it to the side, and there’s four of them. There’s two on each side, drop that one, but I’ll retrieve that after. If you happen to drop one, like I just did, I dropped into the wheel.


Well, all you have to do is turn the hoverboard upside down, and it will fall right out, very easy to do. Okay, set that screw to the side.

Now, this is the fourth screw, and you’re going to notice on this one, that some of these wires that are connecting to this are strung underneath. You could remove the other one if you want. If that’s the case,  or you could also take this plastic cage off.

It’s actually really rare that they’re put underneath, but in case yours, is all you have to do is just take this battery cage off very simple. Once you get that removed, you can just lift this black plastic piece completely up, and then kind of flip it to the side right here.

How to Fix a Shaking Hoverboard


Okay, I’m going to try and move this, give you a little better view, better angle. I’ll show you what we’re doing with so underneath here, you have these little black pieces, and you have rubber pieces over here. These rubber pieces when your foot gets pressed down will move and break an infrared light inside of here.

So, what’s happening on your board is that these rubber pieces are just a little bit too long. Maybe just even a millimeter, and there accidentally hanging inside of here, after your foot gets off. So, the easiest way that I’ve learned to fix this is, to basically take scissors, which I don’t have here.

Because this is an example board, and then just cut just a millimeter off of the top of this little rubber thing here, when you’re done with, that you simply put everything back together. And it’s not very many screws.

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So, we take the screws that we had on the side, and start putting them back. So, maybe I will get my drill if you want some, just makes it a lot faster.

You can watch the video How to Fix a Shaking Hoverboard for details.

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