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How to Install a Replacement Hoverboard Battery

How to Install a Replacement Hoverboard Battery

How to Install a Replacement Hoverboard Battery in Less than 4 Minutes! This is Daniel with Streetsaw just gonna show you how to take a battery out, and replace it out of any hoverboard. The first thing you want to do is, find the side that has the power button, and the charger button, and then you want to pick the opposite side.

How to Install a Replacement Hoverboard Battery

How to Install a Replacement Hoverboard Battery

How to Install a Replacement Hoverboard Battery
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So, this one’s got the two holes right here, a fresh case to make this faster, but the opposite side is the one with the battery. So, you’re going to unscrew all of these. There are eight screws right here, and if you have all the serial number label, or something right here, just peel it back, or peel it off, and then you can access the screw.


All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver. I use a power drill because I do this professionally, take this off, and right here is where you’re going to see your battery. This big blue pack here is shrink wrap over a bunch of lithium-ion battery cells. You’re going to do is some of these will have hot glue, some won’t, pull that off.

How to Install a Replacement Hoverboard Battery


You’re going to undo it by pinching this little clasp and pulling it like that, and then you’re going to go counterclockwise on these screws here on the battery case. There are four of them, once you get those off, all you have to do is pull the battery cage up.


Put it to the side, you’re going to have these either strung above or below it, and pull these apart, and you can usually leave these three ones with the green covers on it. You can usually leave that there. This goes from your motherboard to your motor, and what you’re going to do is you’re just going to slide your battery out here.


So, you’re going to disconnect this, and then you’re going to take your new battery and reconnect it. When you reconnect it, it’s actually easiest to take your cage here, and slide it back in together, like this,  so that’s what we’re going to do, and then here is magnetic, so I just pick up the screws from before, and line this battery cage up.

How to Install a Replacement Hoverboard Battery


Turn your screwdriver to counterclockwise, so you can start drilling in righty-tightly, lefty-loosey as they say drill it in that. Don’t make it too tight, if you make it too tight, you’re going to break the plastic on the cage.


Set your tool aside, for a moment, look for your clamps again, and you can plug these in either on top of the cage up, above the cage. It’s all preference, take this hot glue off, and then plug them back in. They only fit one direction, so if it clicks, you’re good.

After you’re done with all that, put this back on. You’ve got your sheet metal screws that go on the outside right here, and then your machine screws which are the really small threads will go in these five holes right here.

So, that’s basically, all it is to do a battery changer.

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