Best Electric Longboard 2021

Best Electric Longboard 2021 – Halo Board Beast

Best Electric Longboard 2021 – Today, I’m super excited about it because I had to wait a day to do it, but I’m going to tell you a little bit about it. It’s a fire-safe battery that’s great, 26 miles per hour of beastly power and torque,  3200 watts of power at your fingertips at long-range ready. So, it goes about 25 miles
a lot of the ones on amazon only went about 14 to 20 miles.

Best Electric Longboard 2021

Halo Board Beast
Top Speed26 milesRangeUp to 25 Miles
Power3200 wattsWeight23 lbs
Open Specifications


They do come with the regular wheels but I kind of wanted more like terrain. If I’m going off-road, or if there’s like a moppy sidewalk or something but these are 120-millimeter wheels, truly make this electric skateboard. The halo board beast anyway I kind of wanted to duck up my scooter anyway and make it look pretty badass.

Halo Board Beast Quick Look

Best Electric Longboard 2021

So, I had to spend an extra 100 on that regenerative break. So, I think this means this is kind of like my segway, if I’m going downhill and I’m not using my brake right it’ll just kind of regenerate your battery. I’ve noticed that my e-scooter can go a little bit longer if I’m not constantly using the brake which I think
uses power, I’m not too sure.

So, that’s really cool, you’ll get like an extra couple miles, nothing too crazy but we’ll see how this one is.
I’m going to do an unboxing,  LCD, multi-mode remote. This is pretty cool, it has 3-speed modes. You can learn to ride cruise,  or unleash the beast.

Best Electric Longboard 2021

Kind of just like my e-scooter, there’s an eco mode which is 13 miles per hour, the next one, I think is 15
and then the highest is at 18.6 miles per hour which is the legal amount. I believe from where I’m
from. I do live in Portland Oregon, with a lot of rain here. So, we’re gonna hopefully get this on a
good sunny day and I’ll show you some good.

Now, it’s working to move this out of the way. It’s pretty awesome, I’m so excited right now. I feel
like a little kid, it’s beautiful. They said this was 23 pounds, I think that was a lie. The wheels are
actually pretty nice, I thought they would be a little bit more slippery but they do have some traction. It says halo beast this does not feel like 23 pounds. Okay, it’s not that bad.

Best Seller

Halo Board Beast
Halo Board Beast
Price: $1,297.00
Halo Board Beast – Ranked Best Electric Skateboard 2021, Electric Skateboard Beast Edition, This board is very fun to ride, and it’s powerful! I purchased the board during quarantine and I didn’t know anything about skateboarding/longboarding.

This is why I spent the extra 120 right here, look at these and zoom in on that, pretty cool, I kind of just wanted to make the board look even cooler. This is a charger. This is kind of like the one I have for my
e-scooter. This looks okay. This one actually looks pretty cool it’s nice and sleek. It doesn’t have as many buttons as other brands out there.

Watch the way I ride this beast 🙂

Final Thoughts

I really love the beast wheels, I still want to put the regular wheels on, and see how those are. Maybe, I’ll do that in another video but other than that, I give halo beast board a thumbs up, and I think you should go buy one.

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Best Seller
Official Halo Rover X
Official Halo Rover X
Price: $347.00
Official Halo Rover X – The first thing you notice is the solid construction of the Halo. The app makes it easy to switch between modes and allows riders of different skill levels to enjoy the board.
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